UPTU Placements : Introduction

UPTU Placements

Recently I was asked for guidance regarding the placements. This is the season of placements in UPTU colleges. This is time for which all of you has been preparing since last four years. I mean of-course some of you have other plans like M.Tech , MBA, MS, Civil Services and other jobs but still more than 65% of you will end up in IT sector. Here in this blog I will try to help you guys regarding the placements and will try to answer your queries.

I am well aware about the placement conditions at UPTU colleges. Most of the students are hired by mass recruiters like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture and others to name a few. For a fresher this is not a bad option at all. Some of my friends started from Infosys with a package of 3 LPA and with in 2.5 years they are working in Finland, England and other countries and are earning more than 10 LPA.

Placement cells in most of the colleges are not well functioning. In most of the colleges only 3-4 companies will visit. If you are placed in those companies then well and good otherwise you have to try off-campus which is even more competitive, tedious and frustrating process. All parents wants their child to get placed in one of these companies. Its their dream come true if you bag an offer. Getting placed from campus boost your moral and confidence, making it easier to prepare other exams, be it higher studies or better placement option.

Since most of the companies visiting UPTU campuses are mass recruiter, we will focus on such type of placement drives only. We suggest all job seeker and readers to follow the articles in sequence.

Follow these articles to prepare for placement:
Rounds overview:
Technical preparation:

For technical round, be it technical written exam or technical interview, we have written a series of articles. In this series we have discussed subject wise most frequently asked questions. We will keep updating this series.

Most frequently asked Technical Questions

C programming : Most frequently asked questions.
Java programming : Most frequently asked questions.
Data Structures : Most frequently asked questions.
Operating systems : most frequently asked questions.
Computer Networks : Most frequently asked questions.
Most frequently asked Project related questions.

Standard questions:

No matter which company is visiting your campus, no matter what interview round it is, there are few questions which are certainly asked. Most of the time students are not sure why these questions are asked? What is the intention of interviewer and what are they looking for in candidate? But answer to these questions reveals a lot about candidate.

To help you tackle these type of questions we have written detailed articles.


English preparation:

To crack any interview you must have good communication skills. Some companies look for students with good communication skill even if students are not technically very sound. So you must work on your English no matter if you are technically very good or not. This article focus on how to work on your communication skills and how to improve you English.

How to improve your English

Books Suggestion:

Good books are the key to success. In 8 semesters of B.Tech you have almost 30+ course. We can not purchase all the books. But there are few subjects which are evergreen. Questions from these subjects are asked in PSU jobs, GATE, IES and placement interviews. So it is always advisable to buy standard books for these subjects. In this article we have compiled such a list of books every B.Tech CSE student must have.

Must have books for every B.tech student

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Good Luck with your placements.





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