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final year project

Since you are a fresher, only experience you have which is closest to real time coding is your final year project. Everyone’s project is different and hence interviewer may ask different questions from the candidates based on their project. But there are few questions which will be asked in one or other form. In technical interview focus generally remains on data structures and final year project unless you have done some internship. In that case focus shifts to internship experience.

Since answer to questions depends on the project you have done, we are not providing answers here. Only questions are listed along with hints if required.


Q: What was your final year project?
Hint: Give an overview of your project in brief. Focus on USP of your project and technologies used.

Q: What are the technologies you used in your project?
Hint: Answer accordingly. Be ready to answer related questions. For example if you said ‘I used HTML5 and CSS3’ then next question might be ‘What is the difference between HTML5 and HTML?”

Q: What was your role in this project (If it was a group project)?

Q: If you were the team leader, how did you assigned the work among team members?

Q: What were the major challenges you faced during project development?

Q: What real world problem your project is solving?

Q: Which software model you used in your project?
Hint: Waterfall model or spiral model.

Q: Draw the flow chart or DFD data flow diagram of this XYZ module of your project.

Q: Tell me more about this framework you used in this project? Why you used this framework and why not XYZ framework?

Q: What did you learned during the whole process of project development?
Hint: Discuss about team work, requirement gathering and communication between team members.

Q: Walk me through the code of this particular module.

Q: What is testing? What is black box and white box testing?

Q: Who was the tester in the team and what bugs were found at what stage?


  • Do not put blame of anything that didn’t worked during project development on team mates.
  • Demonstrate that you were a team player or a great team leader.
  • Discuss some failure you faced during project development and how you solved it. Solution part is important here.
  • Documentation is very important. Create a proper project file with proper documentation.


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