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In previous articles we discussed about the technical written exam and technical interview round.  In those articles we covered the basics of most frequently asked technical questions like what is the purpose of recruiter behind these rounds, what they ask, what they expect from candidates and how to prepare.

In this article we will focus on questions asked in technical rounds. Generally question asked in written exam and in interview are same in nature with only difference is that in written exam you have to give exact answer with much explanation while in interview round you need to explain the process.

We suggest that even if interviewer haven’t specified about the explanation, you still do the loud thinking. As I explained in previous article that loud thinking is the process where you solve problem and instead of thinking silently, instead of solving things in your mind, you speak as you go. So that interviewer can know how you reached that particular solution. A good interviewer is generally not interested in answer but is interested in the approach you follow while solving a problem.

Now coming to main discussion point, in technical round interviewer may ask anything from your complete engineering syllabus, Internship experience if any, final year project and favorite subjects. We have further divided frequently asked questions module into category wise frequently asked question so that each topic can be covered in details.

We strong suggest that you go through each of the below mentioned articles and raise questions if any. We would love to answer your queries.

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