Group Discussion – How to avoid elimination

group discussion

Many companies are making group discussion as the first criteria for selecting the candidate. Through this round recruiters wants to make sure that the candidate have good enough communication skills and confidence which is required for the job. All the profession jobs specially software developers needs communication with clients.
Another reason for group discussion round is mass elimination. When number of participants is too high and recruiter wants to make few selections then GD round is bought in.
Lastly the purpose of GD round varies from company to company. Doesn’t matter what is the purpose of recruiter but in this article we will tell you how no to get eliminated.

A professional worker should be very efficient in communicating. We as a software engineer should be able to convey our thoughts clearly and properly. Sometimes happens that we are very good at work but when it comes to take credit for that, someone else will take it. Why? because we were not able to express our thoughts properly regarding the work we did.
For the job to be done efficiently, we need to gather the requirement from client, which again requires good communication skills. These are the reasons GD round is set up in a recruitment process.

Generally candidate is searched for below skills through a GD round –

– How well you can communicate with others.
– How you behave in a group.
– Your listening skills.
– How you put your thoughts.
– Attitude and confidence.
– Problem solving and analytical skills.
– Your knowledge on current affairs and topics.

Do’s and Don’ts of group discussion:

– Dress well. Wear comfortable shoes. Good shoes makes you confident.
– Update yourself with latest news.
– Try to be the first one to start the GD. But this doesn’t mean start speaking anything. Stick to the topic, do not deviate.
– Speak clearly, slowly and  with confidence.
– Give chance to others to put their thoughts on the table.
– Make eye contact with people when speaking. Do not stare. There is a thin line between making eye contact and staring.
– Listen carefully to others.
– Do not shout and do not start an argument.
– Try to come onto a conclusion.
– Sum up the GD at the end.
– Be concise and precise. Back up your statement with facts.
– Do not speak ill of someone.
– Address the candidates and not the invigilator.
– Do not deviate from the topic. Do not go into too much details.
and finally dress well, greet others with a smile.

Bonus Tip:

If you are given a topic which is totally out of your league and you have no idea what people are talking about, then just listen carefully to all the participants. As time is about to finish, you start. Pick one or two good points from every candidate’s delivered thoughts and merge them and then you conclude the discussion.

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