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If you have made so far than chances are that you will make it. In UPTU placement drives, HR interview or managerial rounds are just to sum up the placement process. If you do not make really stupid mistake than you are sure to get the job offer.

What is the purpose of this round:

– To sum up the interview process.
– background check on candidate.
– Negotiation on package offered.
– To know more about candidate on personal level.
– Inform candidate about the company and work culture.
– convey joining date and location.
– To know about candidate future plans and willingness to join the organization.

How to prepare for this round:

– Well! there is no guide which can be followed to pass this stage. You have to prepare yourself for any question they ask. We will discuss in details about the frequently asked questions in HR round.
– One thing you must have for this round is good communication skills and ability to put your thoughts clearly.
– Interviewer look for a candidate who will remain loyal to company. They try to figure out which participant can be an asset instead of liability for organization.
– Practice a mock interview with your friend, seniors or placement coordinators.
– Work on your body language. You should look positive.
– Be confident. Dress properly. Shave or trim beard. Refer the Dress code article.

Bonus Tips:

– Always show that you are interested and very excited to work with organization.
Never tell them that you are planning to go for higher education or you are taking this interview for backup purpose.
– During conversation use words like ‘we’ instead of ‘company’ and I. This gives a feeling like you consider yourself as part of company. E.g. ‘We will work hard’ instead of ‘I will work hard’.

What not to do:

– I repeat here that never tell them about your future plans.
– Do not criticize your past employer.
– Do not bad-mouth about your previous team mates.
– If you do not agree with something, do not argue. Discuss it very politely. Start with ‘With all due respect sir/madam, I would like to…..’
– Try to avoid use of word ‘but’ in sentence. Instead take a pause and start your sentence. E.g. ‘I can do that but this is difficult’ – avoid this. Use this – ‘I can do that <pause> This is difficult.


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