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Your communication skill is one of the major factor which decides whether you are going to get selected for the job or not. No matter how good you are in your technical skill but if you can’t express your thoughts efficiently then chances of your selection are low. Communicating your thoughts verbally and in written is very important. All the jobs requires good communication skills. Once in industry, you will need to communicate with clients, seniors and stakeholders. People who are good with communication are promoted early.

In this article we will share tip & tricks, methods and resources to improve your English speaking, listening and writing skills.

Things to do for improving your spoken English:
  • Speak a lot. Do not hesitate. Make mistakes. The more you speak, better you become.
  • Listen a lot. Watch English movies. Listen songs.
  • Read out loud. Practice in front of mirror. Learn a new word everyday.
  • Read English newspaper. Make note of new words and phrases used in day to day life.
  • Write everyday. Use dictionary. Remember you mistakes, correct them and do not repeat them.
  • Change the language on social media or on your laptop and mobile device to English.
Tools that will help you:
  • Install the Google dictionary Chrome extension. This extension is very handy in situations when you are reading something online. I still use this extension and is very thankful to Google for this awesome tool.
  • Install dictionary android app. This app send you a daily notification about the ‘word of the day’. Nice app.
  • Install ‘The Hindu‘ news app. The Hindu is a good newspaper for learning English as well as for preparing civil service exams.
Recommended Books:

I have compiled a list of recommended books for improving your spoken English skills. These books are very cheap. I strongly recommend you to buy these books. These books are the best investment that you will ever make in your career.


Best book for English Grammar:

Other online resources:
  • Read online newspapers.
  • Learn to speak by watching youtube videos.
  • Use google dictionary to learn the pronunciation.
  • Write articles and blogs. See where are you making mistakes. Get your writings reviewed by your friends.
  • Use skype to converse with your international friends who speak English.


Recommended books for every Engineering student.

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