Technical Interview Round


In the previous articles we covered dressing code, group discussion, aptitude test and technical written exam. Now next stage comes – Technical Interview Round.
This is most important stage. Every startup takes this round very seriously. If you are going for a technical profile, be sure you prepare well for this.

Purpose of this round:

– To test you technical skills and expertise.  Interviewer wants to know how competent are you. How well equipped you are to take on the job being offered.
– How you solve a problem. What is your approach.
– How easily you give up.

What they ask:

– Interviewer will ask technical questions on atleast on of the programming language. Choice of programming language depends on the job profile. If there is specific requirement for the job then practice for that language. Do a research about the job profile before appearing for this round.
– Prepare at-least 2 favorite subjects. Interviewer is always going to ask you this question – “what is you favorite subject?”. And if asked then this is the golden opportunity for you. Now ball is in your court. Tell him the subjects you are most comfortable with. But make sure this should be technical subject.
– Final year project. Make sure whatever you have mentioned as final year project in your resume, you know about it. Just don’t write anything. Learn about the technologies used in project.
– What you learned while doing this project? Your answer may be something like this – “Sir while doing this project I learned ‘how to work in a team’, ‘how to gather requirements for a project’, ‘how to design from scratches’.
– Some basic knowledge which you must have about web technology, IP layers, basic concepts of programming language ( for example what is inheritance, abstraction in java).
Important : Most of the times they are not looking for an expert, but someone with learning attitude. So always show that you are ready to learn any technology.
We have compiled an extensive list of most frequently asked technical question. To make sure you are well prepared for the round, go through this article.

How to prepare:

– There is no fixed syllabus for this round. They may ask anything from whole engineering course. So keep your basic concepts clear.
– Prepare at-least two technical subjects very well. Again basic concepts are important.
– Do your final year project on your own so that you know what is happening in project. If you do not have time to develop project on your own and you have either purchased it or some other team member developed it then atleast ask them about the functionality of project. Make yourself aware about the technologies used in project. Be ready to answer the questions like ‘why you did this xyz thing this way? why not the other way?’. Most of the time final year project is the deciding factor of this round. So prepare well.
– Ask your seniors about the pattern and questions they ask. Ask your friends and contacts in other colleges where this company has visited already in this placement session.
– Make yourself aware about the latest technologies in the market. You don’t need to go into details but at-least introduction. Few things you should know now (2016 year) are Node Js, Angular Js, Big Data, Machine Learning.

What not to do :

– Never try to fool interviewer. They are experienced people and can sense things.
– Do not piss them off. If you must argue, ask for forgiveness and do it politely.
– Do not lie. If you do not know anything don’t beat around the bushes. Tell them straight forward that you are not aware about this xyz concept but you will learn it.


– Be confident.
– Dress properly.
– Think loudly. Means when interviewer ask you a question and you know the answer, don’t just give him the answer. Talk about the steps you followed to reach to the solution.
– A good interviewer is not interested in final answer, he wants to know the approach you follow. So make sure interviewer knows how you are solving the problem. So again, thing loudly.
– Be precise. Explain things on paper or board.
Important : Do not give up until interviewer ask you to do so. Keep solving the problem using different approaches.

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