Technical Written Exam

technical written exam

Generally technical written exam round comes after aptitude test round. Not all companies conduct this round. Some companies skip to the technical interview round.
You should know that purpose of all these rounds is not to select the best candidate, but is to filter out the not-eligible candidates. So larger the number of participants, more eliminating rounds will be there.
Conducting interview is a costly process in terms of time. So to interview only potential candidates, this round is placed before technical round.

Question paper pattern:

Generally this question paper contains 30-40 multiple choice questions and then 1 or 2 questions where you have to write the program on paper.
Generally choice of programming language is given to attempt the programming question. If not given choice and you don’t know that particular programming language , write the algorithm or pseudo code.

Tip :- Always write algorithm/pseudo-code if you don’t know how to write the program. This algorithm should be language agnostic and can be in plain English also.

Purpose of this round:

– To test the basic technical knowledge of candidate.
– To eliminate the candidates not fit for their technical requirements.

What not to do:

– Don’t use guess work in this paper, as interviewer will have your copies in interview round and will ask you how you solved the question.

How to prepare for this round:

– Questions asked in this round are generally memory based questions. Even if it is a numerical question, it will be formula based and no lengthy calculations will  be involved. So learn all basic formula and concepts.
– You can practice 1 mark questions from GATE syllabus.
– Practice with sample papers. Try to finish within time. Do not devote too much time to just one question.

Bonus Tips:

– Before taking technical written exam, search on Google about this company. Search for questions this same company asked in previous years. Company generally repeats the questions.
– Contact your friends in other institutes where this company has visited already. Ask them for the question paper.

If you are looking for resources to prepare for the interview, this list of must buy books for B.Tech students might be very helpful to you.

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