Things you should never say in an interview


There are few things you should never say in an interview. If you include these things in your answer than there are huge chances that you will not be selected for next round. So what are those things which you should take care of during any interview? Lets see.

  • Never tell or even hint that you are not really interested in the job and you are taking it just because you have to.
    “You know, ah, my last start-up bombed. So I need a job desperately to get back on my feet.”
    “I actually want to be in <another domain>. But I am not getting anything. So I’m applying here in the meantime. <Domain you are interviewing for> isn’t exactly my passion”.

  • Do not attend a call.
    A straight reject. Calls can wait.
  • Keep it professional. No personal questions.
    When the interviewer asks, “Do you have any question?”, ensure that you do not ask anything personal. What do you do in your spare time? Where do you live? Do you have kids?
    The interviewer is there to discuss a business opportunity and not to chit-chat over coffee.
  • Do not focus too much on the financial aspect
    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t discuss your salary and other perks. But do that preferably at the end and in one go. This shows that while it is important, it is not the most critical factor (be sure to discuss factors like your responsibilities, expectations, growth trajectory – short term and long term).People who discuss the salary first and then 10 minutes later inquire about the bonus and then interrupt once more after 5 mins to know about the annual increments are usually seen in a poorer light.
  • Never badmouth about your previous employer.
    Might be true. But that just shows you in a poor light. The one that you are interviewing with will also be an ex-employer after you leave.
  • Over-pitching yourself.
    One of the most dreaded questions in interviews is, “What are your weaknesses?”
    Should you be blunt and tell them the truth or be a little diplomatic? Most people will tell you to say something which can be seen as both a weakness and/or a virtue or mention some actual drawback that isn’t very serious. But most people take it too far. “My biggest weakness? Hmmm. I think I am over-dedicated/work harder than required/blah blah blah”.

    Read here how should you answer the question ‘what is your weakness?’.

  • “Can we make it quicker? I have another interview scheduled”
    Shows not only that you have poor planning and management skills, but also that the current job is not your top priority.
  • Being not prepared
    When interviewer ask “have you seen our website” and you say “no” it means that you haven’t spared even 5 minutes to prepare for THIS interview. Interviewer don’t expect deep analysis of our technology or problems, but it would be nice if you can at least say one sentence about it. On a side note — if what you’ve seen is bad, we probably do know it’s bad (perhaps that’s why we do hire another developer?), so don’t say it’s awesome.
  • Trying to guess answers
    If you don’t know something — say that you don’t know it. Don’t try to guess or figure out something that you have no idea about. It is way better to say “I don’t know how to optimize this query because I didn’t get there yet, but I would like to know more about it” than trying to chat your way through it.
  • Not having any questions
    Interviewer have just asked you 20 to 30 questions about your life, skills, random bits of code, salary expectations and what do you do in your free time. You are going to spend 1/3rd of your day with them. Do you really not care about what type of people are they at all?

Questions which are surely asked in any HR round and how to effectively answer them.

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