What is your hobby


“What is your hobby?”

This question is one of the most dreaded one out of all the questions asked in HR round. No matter which interview you appear for, this question will  be waiting for you. I have seen students fumbling and getting nervous when this question is asked. And under the influence of nervousness students start blabbering. But here is the good news. In this write-up we have come up with solution of ‘what should I answer when asked about my hobby?’.

Why this question is asked:
  • For some interviewers this is just a question to know more about you. Interviewer wants to know about your hobbies so that he can find a correlation with people currently on team so that he can know how you fit into the group.
  • Generally this question doesn’t decide whether you are hired or not hired.
  • But this question’s answer conveys a lot of information about your personality and nature.
  • For other interviewers it is an opportunity to know how you handle a situation when someone in higher authority asks you a stupid question. Do you correct him and steer him in right direction without making him feel like stupid?
  • For most of the interviewers this is a chance to connect at personal level. That’s all.
What is NOT a good hobby:
  • ‘Watching movies’ is not a hobby if you don’t know upcoming releases, famous movie directors and their movie making style and some basic movie genre. Also what is the full form of IMDb?
  • Similarly ‘watching TV’ and ‘playing cricket’ do not qualify as hobbies if you are not very passionate about it and you know the full form of CNN or how many teams play international cricket..
  • ‘Shopping’ and ‘photography’ is not a hobby if you don’t know about lenses and aperture.
  • Basically any activity which puts you in role of consumer rather than producer is not a good example of hobby. For example ‘writing short stories’ is way better than ‘reading’ as  a hobby.
What is a good hobby:
  • Any activity which needs creativity is a good hobby.
  • Anything where you are producer and not just consumer. Something which involves interactivity and you just don’t sit and watch or listen.
  • ‘Avid reader’, ‘Astronomy’ or playing some musical instrument are good hobbies.
  • Whatever activity you say as your hobby, you should be really passionate about it and you must know things in that field.
Tips while answering this question (or any question):
  • Don’t lie. You just need to lie once to loose your credibility. Its very tough to verify every statement you make. So a lie in one statement would make interviewer doubt all other statement you made.
  • Be comfortable with what you know and what you don’t know. It is ok to not know everything. Do not hesitate to admit if you don’t know anything. Demonstrate the willingness to learn new things and show an example from past how fast you could learn.
  • Be confident. It is easy if you work on point mentioned above.
  • Show enthusiasm but don’t look desperate. Interviewers look for non-verbal cues so you could reveal more about yourself.
  • Ask questions. Interact with interviewer. This is a chance to know interviewer at personal level where you might get an edge over other candidates.
    Our suggestion for readers:

    Develop a good hobby. It will not only help you during the interview process but it will help you in you career and at your personal level. For example reading is a good habit. It makes you knowledgeable and you can speak on any topic, which further help in group discussions.


    Bonus tip:

Be prepare to demonstrate you hobby during interview process.
For example:
Interviewer : So what is your hobby.
You: I like writing short stories.
Interviewer: Wow. That’s great. Ok, I am giving you 5 minutes. Come up with a really nice story.
<Now you starts. If you followed our instructions and didn’t lied, you should be good otherwise……>


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